We Have The Best Ideas For Beautiful Bespoke Orangeries

Traditionally designed Beautiful Bespoke Orangeries follow the classical orders of architecture which determine the scale, proportion and relationships between individual architectural elements. Defining characteristics of orangeries include their bold colonnade effect, wide classical pilasters flanking each door and window both inside and outside, shallow roof pitch, inset roof and gutter concealed by a deep entablature. Rooms lacking these characteristics struggle to capture the traditional form of an orangery and the atmosphere the space creates.

What makes a traditionally designed beautiful bespoke orangery?

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Moore Garden Houses design and build beautiful bespoke orangeries.

There are many choices of roof styles for orangeries ?

Different roof styles can change the sense of privacy in space and alter how much light the room allows. As a result, the purpose for which you want to use the orangery and the orientation of your house may significantly impact which roof style is optimal for your build.

Solid Roof Orangeries

Many of our orangeries have a solid roof construction covered with lead or traditional roofing materials like slate or tile. Internally we use a plasterboard finish and trim the roof with hip beams and timber mouldings. This style offers practicality and maximum shade without sacrificing style and visual appeal.

Glass Roof Orangeries

A traditional glazed roof maximises the amount of light entering the orangery while still shielding you from the heat. Our craftsmen are experts in this aspect of traditional orangery design and can offer you a range of options and build styles for this type of roofing.

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A beautiful bespoke orangery might not be as expensive as you think.

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Moore Make & Supply Luxury Oak Kitchen Orangeries

Our kitchen orangery service allows us to craft a kitchen orangery to your requirements.

Kitchen Orangeries

A kitchen orangery is a perfect hybrid between light access and practical roofing for people that want to use the room practically for dining and social activity. Kitchen orangeries focus on comfort and luxury, keeping the space versatile for a range of social activities while also being multifunctional for storage and movement between the house and outside.

Solid Construction Orangeries

Solid construction orangeries are larger glazed rooms with traditional designs, doors and windows and a parapet wall. Masonry walls can provide an exciting backdrop for your plants and gives you great control over decoration and light within the space. This type of build only really suits larger properties with particular construction that the orangery build tries to match. Our experts can discuss what is feasible with your property at length during a consultation.

We employ experienced professional craftsmen to build outstanding, flawless structures that you know have been assembled with care and respect.

  • Can be Made to Measure (Small, Medium and Large Sizes or Custom)
  • Premium Oak Hardwoods (FSC certified)
  • Bespoke Roof Lantern Options

  • Bespoke Glazing Bars

  • Completely Custom Architectural Features

  • Diverse Colour & Wood Stain Range & Colour Matching

  • Custom Ironmongery Options

  • High-Quality Security Features & Multipoint Locks

  • Single, Double & Triple Glazing Options

  • Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning Glass

  • Excellent Thermal Efficiency

  • Low Lead Times

Oak Orangery Prices / Costs

The timeless elegance and warmth of Oak make it highly prized when used in homes. It is without doubt one of the highest quality woods.

Our oak orangeries start at a little under £8,000. Because our service is bespoke. Prices will ultimately be dictated by the orangery size and the individual refinements you choose depending on materials, paint options, roof lantern, other decorative features and whether you require installation. The price above is for supply only and represents an entry-level orangery. Custom sizes and frames may also factor into the price change.

If you’re interested in finding out how much a bespoke hardwood oak orangery would cost, contact a member of our team for a FREE, no-obligation quotation today.

Orangeries – Form, Style and Scale

Moore Inspiration offers a range of options to create a solution that suits both your practical needs and the image in your mind. All our orangeries are constructed from the ground up giving you complete control over materials, size and construction.

Our process begins with an initial consultation that covers design, layout, permissions, discussions of individual features, and energy efficiency considerations.

Style Options

Our team is available for guidance throughout the process from quotation onwards if you need consultation regarding regulations and permissions. We can also offer further consultations with the design team to discuss the build and its specifications.

do i need planning permission for a conservatory with radiator
  • P Shaped
  • Victorian

  • Modern

  • Edwardian

  • Lean-To

  • Gable Fronted

  • Custom Designs

Some of our Woods & Colour Options

Orangery, Idigbo & Sapele Stains

Opaque Colours

You can gain valuable space when you

These beautiful orangery ideas demonstrate how your home can be transformed with beautiful bespoke orangeries.

 Take a journey and gain valuable space, enhance your home with a traditional beautiful bespoke oak orangery

A stunning modern orangery from contemporary structure to a small traditional orangery offers luxury living. Oftentimes, a neglected underused area tucked away at the rear of a property becomes a focal pointof the home Beautiful, Functional and Unique. A Moore Bespoke Hardwood Orangery is the first place to start.

  • Perfect addition to a period home, or modern

  • Can be hard to distinguish between the original house

  • Orangery dining room is a contemporary option

  • Perfect for extending your living space

  • Great idea for a small orangery kitchen extension

  • Cost effective option when re-modelling a kitchen

  • We can create the orangery designs paired with a bespoke kitchen

Moore Inspiration are happy to walk you through the planning and regulations process in consultation. Alternatively, if you would like more information, contact the Planning Portal or your local council on the UK Government websites.