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Hardwood Bi-fold Doors

Professional Standards Guaranteed

Professional Standards Guaranteed


Moore Inspiration are experts at blending old styles with new build homes to create a luxurious environments that extend clients current living spaces.

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Do Bi-fold doors add magic to Home extensions?

Hardwood bi-fold doors can be built from a variety of timbers, such as oak, Sapele and idigbo. Hardwood has the advantage of being very attractive, practical and natural-looking.

Using hardwood will improve both the aesthetics and value of your home, and the natural appearance of the laminated hardwood improves the connection between your house and garden.

We design and build bespoke Hardwood Bi-Fold Doors

Is Hardwood a sustainable choice for Bi fold Doors?

Hardwoods have the great advantage of being very durable and strong, so they can be worked and used to craft complex designs.

We can create a bespoke hardwood bi-fold door for any specification.

Hardwood’s internal strength and versatility mean that with the help of state-of-the-art CNC routers, our experienced craftsmen can create a door for any design you require.

Read more about: Why Choose Sustainable Hardwood?

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Hardwood Bi-fold Doors

Transform your lifestyle with easy access to your garden

This beautiful idea highlights how as Manufacturer, Designer, and Installer of Environmentally sustainable hardwood Orangeries, Conservatories, Bi-Fold doors and Windows we are able to help you realise your dream of owning a truly elegant addition to your home.
how much does a roof lantern cost? & how much does an orangery cost? From moore Inspiration Team 

Your journey to one of the Moore Inspiration sustainable Uk built hardwood bi-fold doors begins with an informal chat with our team.

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“Very pleased with the whole process and are already considering some further
work, probably in the new year. Would recommend without hesitation. The guys
who did the work were outstanding.”
Mr Andrews • Buckinghamshire
“It was a pleasure to work with Moore Inspiration. The entire process from start
to finish was handled efficiently and professionally. I would not hesitate to
recommend their services.”
Ciaran • Middlesex

Elegant Oak doors with the Bi-Fold door system seamlessly elevates a tired home to a glorious open-plan lifestyle.

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Moore Make & Supply Luxury Hardwood Bi-fold Doors

Built from scratch, hardwood bi-fold doors are tailored to your requirements

Moore Inspiration supplies and creates bespoke hardwood orangeries and hardwood conservatories to customers across the UK mainland. Our orangeries are only constructed from premium durable materials that will withstand the forces of nature and time.

We employ experienced professional craftsmen to build outstanding, flawless hardwood bi-fold doors that you know have been assembled with care and respect.

  • Can be Made to Measure (Small, Medium and Large Sizes or Custom)
  • Premium Oak Hardwoods (FSC certified)
  • Bespoke Roof Lantern Options

  • Bespoke Glazing Bars

  • Completely Custom Architectural Features

  • Diverse Colour & Wood Stain Range & Colour Matching

  • Custom Ironmongery Options

  • High-Quality Security Features & Multipoint Locks

  • Single, Double & Triple Glazing Options

  • Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning Glass

  • Excellent Thermal Efficiency

  • Low Lead Times

Design Consideration | Planning Permission

Hardwood Hardwood Bi-fold Doors Prices / Costs

The timeless elegance and warmth of Oak hardwood bi-fold doors, make them highly prized when used in homes.

It is without doubt one of the highest quality woods.

Our oak orangeries start at a little under £8,000. Because our service is bespoke. Prices will ultimately be dictated by the orangery size and the individual refinements you choose depending on materials, paint options, roof lantern, other decorative features and whether you require installation. The price above is for supply only and represents an entry-level orangery. Custom sizes and frames may also factor into the price change.

If you’re interested in finding out how much your bespoke hardwood oak hardwood bi-fold doors would cost, contact a member of our team for a FREE, no-obligation quotation today.

Orangeries - Form, Style and Scale

Moore Inspiration offers a range of options to create a solution that suits both your practical needs and the image in your mind. All our orangeries are constructed from the ground up giving you complete control over materials, size and construction.

Our process begins with an initial consultation that covers design, layout, permissions, discussions of individual features, and energy efficiency considerations.

Style Options

Our team is available for guidance throughout the process from quotation onwards if you need consultation regarding regulations and permissions. We can also offer further consultations with the design team to discuss the build and its specifications.

do i need planning permission for a conservatory with radiator
  • P Shaped
  • Victorian

  • Modern

  • Edwardian

  • Lean-To

  • Gable Fronted

  • Custom Designs

Some of our Woods & Colour Options

Orangery, Idigbo & Sapele Stains

Opaque Colours

A light-drenched Moore hardwood bi-fold doors garden room extension will expand a kitchen, dining and living room and add real value to your property.

Our bi-fold hardwood door design service

Consultation Request

Bi-fold doors are the most versatile variety of door. They can be opened fully to allow maximum light and space, or closed fully for security.

Bi-fold doors can also mix interior and exterior space like no other door, for example in a garden party/barbecue where both the interior and exterior are being used for seating, food and music.

Using hardwood for your doors will offer a new aesthetics to your lifestyle and have a transformative effect on your home & garden spaces. The cool elegance in summer months with glorious unobstructed access and views of your well-cared garden will be complimented with a warmth cosy atmosphere in winter. Moore inspirations bi-fold door solutions for interiors and exteriors truly offer a cost-effective opportunity to upscale your property, add real value to your home and family life whilst improving the connection between your house and garden.

Just opening the doors will have you ready to entertain, caring cared for gardens will be a part of the home - no more inside outside. Finally, a few well chosen lights in the garden will glow through the extansive of glass at night offering a whole new experience with your outside areas.