An orangery extension is quickly becoming the most favoured alternative to a standard brick construction. The most common question we receive when taking a call from a prospective client is: ‘How much does an orangery cost?’
There are many variables to the buildings we construct, that make them aesthetically contrasting. No two orangeries that we complete are ever exactly the same. This makes it exceptionally difficult to provide prices ‘per square metre’, and send over estimates when we receive leads.

Unlike our competitors, when providing a quotation we personally take the time to price each and every orangery based on the individual scope of works – working out exact concrete quantities, block quantities, square meterage of plaster, etc. to ensure we have complete accuracy on every component that is included.

A full build orangery on average stands at around £65,000 upwards for Sapele Hardwood at approximately 5m x 5m.
If a client requires a really exquisite, bespoke build with everything included, they would be looking at anything upwards of £85,000 for the same size build.
However, there are many variables that we can take into consideration to ensure we reach your particular price point and also your requirements.

For example, if a prospective client informs us that they have a certain budget that they wish to stick to, we will endeavour to come up with a solution in line with their expectations. That may be suggesting an alternative product, such as aluminium or PVC. Or even coming up with a simplistic design that we know is more cost effective. However, we never cut corners when it comes to the building side of our job.

If the above sounds like it is in the realms of your expectations for your proposed orangery, please do contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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