This is our latest project underway at Moore Inspiration. We started on this home almost 2 months ago, already you can see how much the property is going to benefit from the works. The client is renovating the newly purchased home, and due to our expertise in almost every area, we are able to be part of every step. The original work the client enquired about was simply a supply and installation of hardwood windows. After a few design surveys and a visit to the factory where we manufacture our product, the client swiftly decided he would also like to add an orangery to the project. Using our expert design team, we produced drawings for the prospective orangery and these were then put through to manufacture. The project has now also progressed onto a front porch which has been designed by us at Moore Inspiration.

This demonstrates just how much our clients trust the team at Moore Inspiration, and they know that we have the knowledge and expertise to give them the best possible results every time.

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Here is the property before any of the works began. The photos also show the footings of the orangery as they were being dug. As always the team kept a clean and tidy site at all times.

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